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Whippet Records is an independent record label based in County Durham, UK. Founded in 1988 by twin brothers Gary Miller & Glenn Miller, initially to release their own recordings. This includes numerous releases by their acclaimed folk rock band The Whisky Priests, as well as collaborations such as Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Gary's solo works, and other related material.

The label's debut release was The Whisky Priests 'No Chance' 12" EP (WPT1) in 1988 with distribution through Red Rhino. 

As The Whisky Priests and Whippet Records developed and grew in conjunction with each other, the label expanded and built a network of international distributors for releasing its products worldwide.

When The Whisky Priests was rested indefinitely in 2002, Gary continued working full-time in the music industry in various capacities through the following years, as a solo performer and recording artist, music industry tutor and lecturer, music agent, community arts practitioner and artistic collaborator as well as continuing as Director of Whippet Records.

2018 sees a major relaunch for Whippet Records, with many new and exciting projects under the Whippet Records umbrella, including the launch of the epic-scale 'Mad Martins' and the major 'From Coalfield to Battlefield' projects, as well as the reunion of The Whisky Priests which is heralded by a European Tour alongside the release of 'Bloody Well Everything! (The Complete Works [1985-2000])', an epic 12-Disc CD Box Set.

Joining the Whippet Records team in 2018, as Designer, PR Assistant and Administrator, is artist, illustrator and graphic designer Helen Temperley of Winkin Bitsy.